Relocating with Pets: Buying a Home with Your Furry Friends in Mind

Relocating with Pets: Buying a Home with Your Furry Friends in Mind

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We all love our pets – I know I do. That’s why it’s important to keep your furry friends in mind before picking out the home of your dreams. Making sure your pets will love it as much as you do, has a lot to do with the home and neighborhood you choose. Are either pet-friendly? A good way to find out about the neighborhood is to drive around to get a feel for the surroundings. It’s also a way to see if there are any of your potential neighbors walking their dogs. There are more things to consider before making your decision on which home to buy, including the following:

Are You Considering Buying a Condo or Townhome?

Be sure to check with the condo or townhome homeowner’s association to see if they allow pets. Some are pet-friendly, some are not. Several HOA’s will allow cats but not dogs. If they do allow pets they may have a restriction on the number of furry friends allowed, the pet’s weight, and they may have a restriction on the dog’s breed. Before going to look at either condos or townhomes, mention it to your real estate agent that you are a pet owner and they’ll show you properties that are pet-friendly.

Relocating with Pets: Buying a Home with Your Furry Friends in Mind

Will You Have Enough Space?

Look at the home’s layout. Does the interior space have a good flow? You wouldn’t want to be constantly bumping into or tripping over your pets. Are there enough windows? They may be indoor pets, but they’re always curious to see what’s going on outside. Pets also love to lay on the warm area where the sun is shining in. Is there enough storage space for their toys? Will you have a separate area for your cat’s litter box? Is there enough yard space for your dog(s) to run around? It’s a big plus if the yard is fenced, but don’t disregard a home without a fence — that can be an easy fix.

Relocating with Pets: Buying a Home with Your Furry Friends in Mind

Are There Off-Leash Dog Parks in the Area?

Off-leash dog parks are a great way for your dog to exercise and burn off energy. It’s an opportunity for them to socialize with other dogs. Also, if you’re new to the area, it’s a great place to meet other pet owners. In Naperville, we have three off-leash dog parks; Springbrook Prairie and Greene Valley that are part of Dupage County Forest Preserve, and Whalon Lake that’s part of Will County Forest Preserve. All three require a permit for use of the park, which is only $40 per year for residents.

Relocating with Pets: Buying a Home with Your Furry Friends in Mind

Do You Need Local Pet Services?

You may opt to use the same pet services you have been using for your pets. That’s if you are moving in close proximity to where you currently live. But if you’re relocating further, you’ll need to find new pet services that you can trust for your pets. A great resource is Nextdoor, if you’re not familiar with Nextdoor, it’s a site where neighbors share their recommendations. There’s recommendations for pet services including, Veterinarians, Pet Sitters, Pet Groomers and any other services you may need for your furry friends.

Closing thoughts:

Our furry friends are more than pets, they’re a part of the family. And it’s important that they are as comfortable in the home you buy as you are.

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